Copyright and Permissions

Lily-Tree jewellery, articles, images and tutorials are All Rights Reserved.

International copyright laws and conventions afford Teresa Kennard (Lily-Tree) exclusive rights to reproduce and sell, publish images of or professionally teach others to create the jewellery shown on this site and in my tutorials. However, I give my customers and visitors to this site limited rights to sell and display jewellery made from my designs. These limited rights are described below; if you wish to use my designs or images in any way not described below, you must obtain my written permission.

Use of images and content

You may not reproduce any images by Lily-Tree without express written permission. Lily-Tree images may be shared on social media as long as the link to the original source is included.  In no case may Lily-Tree images be used in conjunction with sales not authorized by Teresa Kennard, even if those sales are of products derived from tutorials. Please create and use your own images of any pieces you finish and sell.

You may not copy, lend or reproduce, via any format, written, photographic or video instruction, in whole or in part, presented by or attached to Lily-Tree tutorials, for any reason, without express written permission. Please do not post or share “progress” pictures of pieces made from Lily-Tree tutorials.

Selling finished jewellery made from Lily-Tree tutorials

You may sell works derived from Lily-Tree tutorial designs, subject to the following:

  • Works are made by hand in limited quantities, not produced in mass.  For example, 50 copies of an item per year would constitute mass production.​

  • You do not hire or pay other people to make works with my designs to sell under your name or the name of your company.

  • You agree to assign all design credit to Lily-Tree wherever you display, sell or discuss products made from Lily-Tree tutorials, instruction, lessons or classes. This includes all instances on social media platforms, such as (but not exclusive to) Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. An example of such a credit would be “This pendant was designed by Lily-Tree” or “These earrings were creating using a Lily-Tree design”. Where possible, a link to the website should also be included.

Please do not sell or post images of items made from Lily-Tree tutorials, for sale or otherwise, if you do not intend to assign proper credit in all instances.

Teaching others

Free Tutorials: You may use free Lily-Tree tutorials to teach other students or peers as long as they are used in their entirety, attribution is given to Lily-Tree as the original source and you do not profit from the sale of the tutorials.

Paid Tutorials: You may not instruct students or peers of designs or design elements associated with purchased Lily-Tree tutorials, nor use related instruction for educational purposes, whether or not resulting in monetary gain, without express written permission.

Lily-Tree retains copyright of the instructions and tutorials themselves; permissions above do not afford you the right to distribute my instructions or rewrite and distribute instructions of your own for the designs.

Thank you for respecting my copyright

Thank you for respecting my copyright as a designer. I want to continue to provide you with designs and inspire you to create. By purchasing tutorials and respecting my copyright, you encourage me to continue creating tutorials for my designs.

Further Information

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