Teresa Kennard

I am a lifelong crafter and started making jewellery as a teenager.  I love working with many different techniques, creating unique and exciting pieces to suit the style of the wearer.

Trading as Lily-Tree, I sell my handmade jewellery and enjoy working with customers to create bespoke commission pieces.

Having demonstrated jewellery-making on TV, I discovered a real love of experimenting with new materials and techniques, creating designs, and passing on this knowledge and inspiration.

This Website

This website is the natural evolution of my love of experimentation and knowledge-sharing.  I aim to cover tips, techniques and tutorials to give you the information and inspiration to make your own jewellery.

If you’d rather buy one of my pieces for your jewellery collection, I will shortly be opening a shop on this site, so please check back soon.

I Love Copper!

When I first discovered bare copper I was instantly hooked!  It is a truly versatile medium, perfect for a vast range of techniques and giving beautiful, flattering results.

Whilst trying to discover more about working with copper, however, I found that I was spending a long time surfing the web to find the information I needed.  If only there was one place to go that told you all you needed to know!

So that is what I hope to create here.  I’m adding content regularly, so if you can’t find the info you want, just let me know and I’ll do my best to provide it.

I hope you enjoy the site!



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